Animation sounddesign and sonic branding for Rochdale (2016)

sonic branding article Michiel van Poelgeest

Sonic branding? For an animation for Rochdale – a Dutch national housing corporation – I created the sounddesign and musical score. The animation is part of a new communication strategy that wilI be implemented over the next years. In this project, I took the opportunity to add a layer of branding to the audiodesign. Continue reading “Animation sounddesign and sonic branding for Rochdale (2016)”

You and me galaxy (synthpop)

On May 21st 2015 I released the autonomous synthpop album You And Me Galaxy, under the pseudonym Villeneuf. The record consists of 8 tracks, all of which were composed, arranged, recorded and produced by me, in this studio. You and Me Galaxy was then mixed and mastered in Bunt Studios in Utrecht by Menno Bakker. The album was very well received and made it onto the New Music Friday playlist by Spotify. The song Lemonade pulled over five thousand plays in its first week after its release.  Continue reading “You and me galaxy (synthpop)”

Sounddesign and composition for animation

For this animation for Leiden University, I created the music and sound design. I teamed up with animator Thijs van Iersel and graphic designers DoubleMatured and created a nice little musical theme. Most dutch narrative voices don’t leave a whole lot of ‘space’ for lots of sound effects and so I wanted to do a little more with the musical theme. Continue reading “Sounddesign and composition for animation”